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Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Xinbao Holdings) was established in 1995. An A-share listed firm (stock code: 002705), Xinbao Holdings specializes in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of kitchen appliances, home care appliances, electronic baby products, refrigeration appliances, electronic personal care products and other small home appliances. Xinbao Holdings is headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong. The firm has over 30 subsidiary product companies and nearly 28,000 employees, of which 2,600 form the R&D team. The firm's revenue exceeded RMB 14.9 billion in 2021.


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Four Key Production Bases
Electronic Heating Appliances
Main Industrial Estate

Main Industrial Estate

Electronic Motors
Kaiqin Industrial Estate

Kaiqin Industrial Estate

Home and Environment Appliances/Personal Care Products
Xingtan Production Base

Xingtan Production Base

General Appliances
Chuzhou Production Base

Chuzhou Production Base

A Full Suite of Services
Digital Chips
Electrical Components
Heating Cables
Injection Molding
Battery Packs
Keep fighting and never give up

Xinbao Holdings' vibrant growth is rooted in its people's spirit of perseverance as they constantly strive to surpass themselves. They keep fighting and never give up.

To be a world-renowned and leading small home appliance company

To be a world-renowned company:

· To achieve global recognition for our international reach, manufacturing process, technological innovation, and branding;

· To collaborate with world-renowned brands and become a well-known international OEM/ODM for small home appliances;

To be a leading company:

· Innovative edge: To become a leader in China's small home appliance industry;

· Technical Edge: To meet first-class international standards for small home appliances in areas such as energy-saving capabilities, industrial design, technical application, manufacturing process, key components, and research capabilities;

· Talent Edge: To have an excellent company structure and a large pool of exemplary talent.

Our mission to improve your quality of life never ends

· We provide our customers with quality products and excellent services;

· We provide our consumers with a diverse range of home appliance brands and help them realize their dream of a quality lifestyle. We constantly strive to improve our consumers' quality of life;

· We provide our employees with opportunities to showcase their talents and realize their ambitions. We support our employees as they grow together with the company;

· We abide by corporate rules and regulations and strive for win-win collaborations and shared growth with our partners;

· We pursue sustainable operations and growth and create greater value for our shareholders;

· We perform our corporate obligations, assume our corporate social responsibilities as well as promote social and community development.

Quality, Innovation, Growth, Profit Sharing

· Quality:

Strive for product quality and create excellent products. Pay attention to the details to ensure the quality of our work.

· Innovation:

Challenge conventions. Experiment boldly with new ideas and methods. Always strive for more, better and more comprehensive solutions.

· Growth:

Provide employees with opportunities for career progression as employees reciprocate by driving company growth. Achieve shared growth with employees.

· Profit Sharing:

Share profits and realize growth for all.

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