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Xinbao Holdings has independent and professional R&D and design innovation capabilities, a comprehensive 4-tier technological innovation system and multiple key technologies. It has over 4,400 patents, of which nearly 300 are utility patents. The company has been recognized as a national enterprise technology center, a national industrial designer center, a national cutting-edge technology enterprise, a national intellectual property model enterprise, a central lab for key small home appliance technologies in Guangdong province, and a Guangdong engineering lab (smart and energy-saving key small home appliance technologies).

R&D Innovation
utility patents
patented technologies
R&D staff
300+ mil+
annual R&D investment
Exploratory Study on Foundational Technology
Research on Innovative Technology
Application of Universal Technology
Development of Cutting-Edge Technology
Technological Innovations

n recent years, Xinbao Holdings has been injecting RMB 300 to 400 million into R&D annually. Its technological innovation system is now reaping the rewards of its past investments. Every new technological innovation has seen application in the company's new products, successfully powering Xinbao Holdings' transition into offering premium and high-value products and boosting the company's competitive edge in the market. Red Dot Design Award, Kapok Design Awards China, iF Product Design Award, China Patent Award of Excellence, China Household Appliances Innovation Achievement

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