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Automated Smart Capabilities

Xinbao Holdings actively promotes universal automation, develops a wide array of non-standard automated capabilities, sets up automated production lines, and introduces cutting edge manufacturing processes and equipment that exist in the industry. The company has also introduced a smart logistics system, a manufacturing execution system (MES), a warehouse management system (WMS), an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system and other digital systems in order to integrate human labor and automation as well as achieve industrial interconnectivity. Xinbao Holdings' annual upgrades of its manufacturing equipment and systems mark the company's gradual and steady transition from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing. 

Over 160 CNC
Over 700 Punch Presses
Over 10 SMT Production Lines
Over 1,200 Injection Molding Machines
Automated Final Assembly
Digitalized Smart Logistics
Automated Metal Stamping
Automated Injection Molding
Automated Motor Production
Automated Assembly of Electrical Components
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