World Intellectual Property Day | Innovation Beyond the Boundaries of Technology

Innovation is the primary driver of development. In order to coordinate and advance the construction of a powerful intellectual property country, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have issued the 15-Year Plan (2021-2035) on the Development of Intellectual Property Rights Power. Adhering to the intellectual property management system guidelines that "scientific and technological innovation leads development, intellectual property increases value, and standardized management improves performance", Xinbao Holdings keeps breaking through technological boundaries and strives for continuous innovation.

Since its establishment, Xinbao Holdings has upheld the principle of "no innovation, no project", continuously explored in practice, cultivated independent R&D capability, deepened the integration of intellectual property rights with reform and innovation, and made continuous breakthroughs in patent quantity and patent awards. The company has over 4,400 valid patents worldwide, has been granted over 230 invention patents, and over 35 PCT applications. It has won many industry awards such as the China Excellent Design Award in China Patent Awards, the iF Design Award, and the Red Star Design Award. The DonLim trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in 2011, and was listed in the Key Trademarks Protection List in Guangdong Province in 2021.

Focusing on the creation, application, protection, management, and service of intellectual property rights, Xinbao Holdings continuously explores the possibility of establishing an intellectual property rights system with its own characteristics, and increases investment in scientific research to strengthen key core technologies, comprehensively enhancing its independent innovation capability.

Oriented by high-value patents, Xinbao has fostered a number of high-value patent clusters over years of creation. According to the analysis of third-party data, Xinbao has more than 50 patents worth millions. In the list of top 500 patent companies among Chinese listed companies (A-shares listed on Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchanges), Xinbao Holdings ranked 65th amongst over 4,600 listed companies in 2021. In the Foshan patent newcomer list 2020, Xinbao Holdings ranked No. 1. It represents great affirmation for Xinbao Holdings in terms of patent strength, and marks industry experts' recognition of Xinbao Holdings's innovative achievements.

Behind each remarkable achievement is the commitment of Xinbao Holdings to intellectual property management and to stimulating innovation. Throughout R&D and innovation, Xinbao Holdings gives full play to its technological advantages and firmly implements an innovation-driven development strategy to achieve high-quality development in small home appliance manufacturing.

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