Xinbao Holdings Receives the 2022 Supplier Award for Best Compliance

Xinbao Holdings was invited to attend a supplier event organized by Auchan Retail Group on March 28th 2023, in which Xinbao Holdings stood out from over 200 suppliers and was recognized as the only company to win the 2022 Supplier Award for Best Compliance.


As the second-largest retailer in France, and one of the top 10 global suppliers with a focus on retail, Auchan Retail is a Fortune Global 500 company and a major shareholder of the domestic hypermarket chain RT-Mart with 67% share ownership. 


In 2016, Xinbao Holdings reached a formal strategic partnership with Auchan to become one of its strategic suppliers;

In 2017, Xinbao Holdings was awarded the title of "Gold Supplier" by Auchan Retail Group;

In 2018, Xinbao Holdings was once again awarded the title of "Gold Supplier" by Auchan Retail Group;

In 2019, Xinbao Holdings clinched the "Best Quality Award" by Auchan Retail Group.


In recent years, Xinbao Holdings has continued to enhance its market competitive edge in "green and environment protection" helping it realize a lean operation model of small appliances that may benefit the environment, and in 2022 passed the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification. This incidentally coincides with Auchan's 2023 strategic concept of environmental protection. It also means GRS products will become a main direction for future strategic cooperation between Xinbao Holdings and Auchan. The partnership between the two is bound to grow deeper as time goes on.


As a leading OEM/ODM company in China, Xinbao Holdings boasts a strong competitive edge in technology and innovation capabilities, as well as in R&D, production and sales. Winning multiple Auchan supplier awards over consecutive years demonstrates the ability of Xinbao Holdings to grow together with its global customers, to provide quality products and efficient services, and to make significant contributions to the development and prosperity of the small home appliance industry.

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