Xinbao Makes Its Stage at the 135th Canton Fair with 780 New Products

The 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) kicked off on April 15 in Guangzhou. Besides unveiling its key line of products at the event, Xinbao also invited close to 500 clients from all over the world to join them as they showcased their latest innovative and technological achievements.


The 135th Canton Fair saw Xinbao increasing the scale of its exhibits. Totally 780 products across 9 categories are showcased, such as electronic heating appliances (kettles, coffee makers, toasters, bread makers, fryers, ovens, etc), appliances with electric motors (juicers, multicookers, blenders, etc), die-casting products, baby products, pet products, personal care products, refrigerators, clothing care products and ventilation products.


To demonstrate the full range of its new products and technologies and cater to the different needs of its customers, Xinbao designed and built a 390 sqm exhibition booth and divided it into various zones, such as Western-style small domestic appliance zone, smart cooking center and experiential zone, premium coffee maker zone, household care zone, refrigeration zone, baby and children's zone, pets' zone, personal care zone, etc.


The pool-cleaning robot drew a huge crowd of overseas merchants at this fair. It is the first smart underwater cleaning robot that allows for real-time internet connectivity via an app. Through a Wi-Fi connection with their mobile app, the user can control the robot in real-time and instruct it to perform multimodel integrated cleaning that covers the waterlines, walls and floors of the pool efficiently, offering the consumer an eco-friendly, smart and convenient life experience.


As a leader in the domestic fabric cleaning machine industry, Xinbao has developed its very own fabric cleaner that incorporates several world's first utility patents. The second generation of fabric cleaner that Xinbao launched at the 135th Canton Fair boosts powerful functions with the additional drying feature that makes the cleaning of upholstery quick and easy.


Xinbao's smart cooking center is yet another highlight of its booth. The featured versatile multicooker makes cooking smarter and easier. Users can easily whip up delicious dishes simply by preparing the ingredients according to the recipe provided, slotting in the right accessory, and throwing the ingredients into the cooker.


Xinbao also presented its strength in coffee by displaying multiple premium coffee makers, including fully automated and semi-automated models. These coffee makers come with not only aesthetically pleasing looks but also excellent functionalities that cater to the needs and palates of different users and match a wider array of settings. It is worth mentioning that Xinbao's coffee grinder, which won the Red Dot Design Award and a gold prize at the iF Design Award, was also unveiled at the fair. It comes with the first-ever smart portafilter with a built-in weighing scale, affording users the ease of weighing their beans and powder.


Official Xinbao sources also shared some major news at the Canton Fair that the construction of Xinbao's Indonesian plant is nearing completion. This marks Xinbao's progress in improving its production capacity and competitiveness as well as a steady step towards growing its presence on the global stage.

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